Zybio Inc. is a high-tech enterprise specialized in R&D, manufacture, sales and technical services of in vitro diagnostic reagents and equipment, with the headquarter and manufacturing center located in Dadukou District, Chongqing.

Zybio has more than 3,300 employees worldwide, of which R&D personnel account for more than 30% . Nearly 50% of R&D personnel have master's degree or above. The company compared to spend no less than 15% of sales revenue on its research and development.



EXC 220 Biochemistry Analyzer
  • Throughput: 240 T/H for single reagent; 160 T/H for double reagents
  • Random access, STAT function
  • Water consumption: 5L/H
  • Advanced rear spectrophotometry, (340-800)nm, in total 12 wavelengths
  • Closed system
  • Unilateral LIS connection
  • Multiple sample type: Plasma, Serum, Urine and CSF
  • Reagent: ready for use
  • Sample positions : 40(including STAT positions)
  • Reagent positions: 40
  • Cuvettes: 63
  • Sample volume : 2μl-50μl
  • Minimum reaction volume: 90μl
  • Reaction temperature: 37±0.2℃
EXC 220 Biochemistry Analyzer

Testable items

  • Liver function  ALT  AST  ALP  ALB  TP  TBIL  DBIL  GGT  TBA  ADA PA  CG  CHE  5’-NT  AFU   mAST   GLDH LAP MAO
  • Cardiac Markers  LDH  LDH1  CK   CK-MB   α-HBDH  MYO  cTnI   IMA
  • Renal function UREA  UA  CREA  CysC  RBP  α1-MG  UTRF  β2-MG   NGAL  NAG  mALB
  • Cardiovascular ACE  hs-CRP  HCY  MPO  MP-PLA2
  • Blood lipid CHOL  TG  HDL-C  LDL-C  ApoA1  ApoB  ApoE  Lp(a)  sdLDL-C  NEFA
  • Rheumatism ASO  RF  anti-CCP
  • Glucose homeostasis GLU  HbA1c  GSP GA  LAC  β-HB  Insulin 
  • Ion  Ca  Mg  P  CO2   Fe  Zn   Cu
U3600 Urinalysis Hybrid System

Chemistry+Morphology+Physical Examination

Throughput             240samples/hr(Chemistry mode),120samples/hr(Form  120 samples/hr(Hybrid)

Display                    8-inch color touch screen

Samples                  60 samples 10 samples x6 racks

Tests:                      Chemical mode-11,12 & 14+2 parameters,Sediment mode-Automatic:25 items &     Manual:21 items,Physical mode-color,SG,Turbidity,Osmolarity

Test Mode                Auto loader mode,STAR mode

Principle                  Photoelectric colorimetry, full spectrum+Laminar Flow Digital Imaging

Nucleic Acid Isolation System EXM3000

8.4 inch touch screen, built-in operation

9minOnly 9 min for extraction of 32 samples, less extraction time

Other function UV light, HEPA Filter,  Negative pressure exhaust


Throughput 1-32

Process volume 30 μL-1000 μL

Recovery rate ≥98%

Stability CV≤3%

Pollution control UV sterilization

Filtration HEPA Filter

Dimensions(L*W*H) 375mm*415mm*440mm

Weight 27kg

EXS2600 MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometry System

Throughput  480 samples/h


Weight(kg) 116.1

Laser 60Hz N2 laser with 400 million shots

Database 3670 species

Reliable Key Hardware

● Faster target-in time(<1min), longer lifespan laser shotsup to 7 years.
● Faster identification time for 96 target spots (≤12min).
● High speed turbomolecular pump
without oil, free of maintenance

Rich Database

● Over 3700 speciesespecially rich fungi database for more accurate result free database upgrade

● Diverse Reagent & AccessorySpecial blood positive pretreatment directly identify blood positive bacteria without 24h subculture

● Reusable target plate reduce cost per test.

● Special calibratorbring you convenient operation and traceable results.

Identification Time  ≤ 20 min (+ pretreatment time)

Reagent Type 6Mold Sample Pretreatment KitBlood Culture Positive Sample Pretreatment KitSample Treatment Matrix SolutionMicrobe Sample Pretreatment KitSample pretreatment solution

Identification Rate Bacteria90% species; Fungi: 60% species; Database 3670 spec